As a Church school and part of the Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy trust, we work towards ensuring that pupils we serve experience, ‘life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10).

We have constructed a curriculum that is unique to our school. Whilst, it is based upon the National Curriculum, we have tailored it to suit the needs of our children and our community. It is subject-centred and emphasis is placed on acquisition, memorisation, and knowledge of each specific content area.

We believe that a knowledge-rich and values focused curriculum is central to our pupils’ future success. Once our children have acquired the knowledge from our carefully sequenced curriculum, they will then be ready to lead a successful and joyful life. 

Our curriculum is driven by a love of reading so that pupils become vocabulary rich. The design of our curriculum ensures that the children will increase knowledge, embed their skills and therefore deepen their understanding.

Our curriculum is driven by the principle that knowledge empowers children and our curriculum and teaching is informed by the latest evidential research about memory and knowledge retention.

We have shaped our curriculum to encourage and celebrate differences. We want our children to value, respect and support others with their specific and individual needs. Our curriculum focuses on and draws upon inspirational people who represent global citizens with a range of disabilities, ethnicities, gender and LGBTQ+ communities. These inspirational people have overcome adversities, and they provide concrete, real-life example for our children to be inspired by and aspire to be like.

Our sequential knowledge curriculum begins in EYFS, so that students can successfully access a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their education at Lady Katherine Leveson.  This is underpinned by structured phonics, writing and mathematics lessons in EYFS to ensure core procedural knowledge is secured and that transition into KS1 is successful.


Our broad and balanced curriculum continues into Key Stage 1.  The teaching of phonics remains a high priority, along with reading, writing and mathematics. All subjects are carefully planned so that our pupils can make links across the curriculum.

Throughout KS2, we seek to carefully develop subject knowledge, allowing our pupils to begin to think more coherently, critically, and creatively

Our curriculum prepares the children of Lady Katherine Leveson academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to be active and successful participants of British and Global society.