At Lady Katherine Leveson, our aim is to develop ‘confident learners’ who have confidence in and excitement about technology. We want all pupils to be able to gain a broad subject knowledge and develop a wide range of skills which will stand as a firm foundation for future learning and their experiences in adult life and the world of work. As ‘joyful learners’, children are actively encouraged to investigate problems and have ‘hands on’ experiences with technology. Through this, we aim to develop curiosity and creativity in the subject.

To achieve this, throughout their time in school, pupils will access an increasing range of devices and software. In our Early Years setting, pupils have opportunities to access various forms of technology, mostly through exploring and play. This helps them to achieve the Early Learning Goal for Technology.  

As the children move into Key Stage 1, they access technology in a more formal setting and are introduced to more structured uses for software. This continues into lower and then upper Key Stage 2, where pupils are knowledge is broadened and their skills refined so that they are able to carry out more complex procedures and use technology affectively to suit very particular requirements.

As ‘global learners’ through thorough planning across each year group, as pupils move through school and their learning journey, they will build upon skills and knowledge that will equip them to best deal with the digital world they live in. We firmly believe that all children are able to achieve their very best. We aim to inspire and excite, whilst ensuring children enjoy what they do – this will encourage engagement in the learning process, something that will stay with them as they grow.

Theme Key

Coding and Computational Thinking


Internet and Email

Art and Design

Databases & Graphing

Writing & Presenting

Communication & Networks


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Online safety 1.1

Technology outside of school 1.9

Pictograms 1.3

Lego builders 1.4

Maze Explorers 1.5

Coding 1.7

Animated Story Books 1.6

Microsoft Word Introduction

Year 2

Online Safety 2.2

Spreadsheets 2.3

Coding 2.1

Questioning 2.4

Effective Searching 2.5

Presenting Ideas 2.8

Presenting Ideas using PowerPoint 3.9

Year 3

Coding 3.1

Online Safety 3.2

Spreadsheets 3.3

Touch Typing 3.4

Emailing 3.5

Branching Databases 3.6

Simulations 3.7

Graphing 3.8

Year 4

Online Safety 4.2

Spreadsheets 4.3

Writing for Different Audiences

(including Email) 4.4

Animation 4.6

Coding 4.1

Logo 4.5

Effective Searching 4.7

Hardware Investigators 4.8

Year 5

Online Safety 5.2

Spreadsheets 5.3

3D Modeling 5.6

Databases 5.4

Coding 5.1

Game Creator 5.5

Word Processing (MS Word) 5.8

Year 6

Online Safety 6.2

Spreadsheets 6.9 MS excel

Stop Motion

Networks 6.6

6.8 Binary

Coding 6.1

Text Adventures 6.5

Presenting Ideas using PowerPoint