Remote Learning

We are set up to deliver remote learning when necessary. Children have their own e-mail accounts and passwords setup which means their work can be accessed through this when needed. These logins are reissued when required 

We have additional programs that we buy in to that can also support children:

Purple Mash

All children at Lady Katherine  each have their own Purple Mash account. 

Purple Mash contains thousands of opportunities for learning. You’ll find these in the forms of

Open ended tools: Here children can engage with publishing, story creation, game design, concept mapping, collaborative writing and art, to name a few.

Spelling and Grammar: You’ll find the complete spelling scheme in the teacher’s section of Purple Mash and you can set weekly spelling quizzes across your school. These self-mark, and you’ll find the results in the Data Dashboard. Grammar games can be accessed in the ‘Games’ area by children as well as in the teacher’s area.

Maths: From spreadsheets to graphing and from times table games to competitive maths racing games, you’ll find a whole host of maths-based tools and resources to engage and challenge your pupils.

Cross Curricular project work: Use the Purple Mash search bar to quickly find resources relating to your school topics or navigate the ‘Topics’ area. You’ll find themed writing templates, slide shows, stories, quizzes and more.


Please click here to access Purple Mash



Times Table Rockstars (TT Rockstars)

KS2 children have an individual  account for TT Rockstars. Time Tables Rock Stars is a math program that has a proven track record of enhancing children’s fluency an recall in these essential arithmetic skills.


Please click here to access TT Rocksters


Learning Village

Learning Village is a comprehensive English as Additional language program that is specifically designed for primary school children. It follows a systematic approach, emphasizing induction, pre-teaching and gap filling. The program engages young learners through images and dual coding, making language learning enjoyable.


Please click here to access Learning Village